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  • 162) Squires Tavern committee meeting

    162)  Squires Tavern committee meeting - March 9, 2002
                     Major issues discussed included planning for upcoming work that should be done before the plaster is applied.  This includes wiring and heating system work.  More research work is planned including visits to area taverns, input from area museums and a visit to a local blacksmith shop (Bela Squires operated a blacksmith shop adjacent to the Squires Tavern).  Fiscal controls were reviewed. 


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  • 161) Squires Tavern work party

    161)   Squires Tavern work party - March 6, 2002
                     A good crew of volunteers was again on hand for sheetrock removal in the front parlor.  Evidence of a chair rail was found, one similar to the chair rail in the ball room.  Also, as recommended by our historic house consultant, wood trim, book shelves and mantel were removed from the fireplace in the front parlor.  These are "recent" additions that were probably added by the State DEP.  During this work, more evidence of wall stencils were found, although the pieces of color are very small and feint.  No clear pattern can be discerned at this time.  The flooring in the former first floor bathroom was removed. 


  • 182) Squires Tavern work party

    182)   Squires Tavern work party - May 4, 2002
                     Interior trim painting continues as volunteers (including four new recruits!) finish several more rooms.  Dave Parsons continues to make progress on the jungle of brush in the back yard.  Walt is back from a well deserved vacation to whip us in shape.

  • 160) Squires Tavern work party

    160)   Squires Tavern work party - March 2, 2002
                     Volunteers finished removing sheetrock from the ballroom.  Large amounts of debris are removed from the building and grounds and loaded onto a truck and a trailer to be hauled away.  Sheetrock is removed from the back parlor on the first floor. (click on photos below to enlarge)

    Large turnout of volunteers!

    Removing sheetrock from the ballroom.


  • 159) Squires Tavern contractor work

    159)  Squires Tavern contractor work - week ending March 1, 2002
                     Plumber Clayton Webb has finished installing a toilet in what will be the new bathroom.  He has roughed in much of vent and waste systems needed for the bathroom and small kitchen area.  Painter Dave Mercier has finished painting and reglazing four windows and has picked up four more to do.   Ed Kostak has installed exterior trim and replaced some clapboards on the front of the main part of the building.  This includes corner trim and water table boards.  Over the past week, volunteer Dave Ravasio has primed these trim boards before they were installed and is also priming additional trim boards which will go up shortly. 

  • 158) Stencil expert visits the Tavern

    158)   Stencil expert visits the Tavern - March 1, 2002
                     Historic stencil expert Polly Forcier from Vermont views the old wall stencils found at the Tavern.  She agrees that these stencils are the work of an itinerant whose work has been discovered and documented in Massachusetts and New York.  Besides providing historical information she also offers guidance and tools to recreate these wall stencils.

    Fred Warner and stencil expert Polly Forcier viewing old wall stencils

    Polly demonstrating stenciling.


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